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Remembering Del Shofner

March 15, 2020

Del Shofner, a truly impactful and great receiver, who combined with quarterback Y.A. Tittle on great and “change the game,” New York Giants’ teams of the early 1960’s, died days back.

Shofner who wore Number 85 was 85 years old.

There is so much strife, especially now, but the ineptitude “stats only” thinking that left Del Shofner out of the not so esteemed Pro Football Hall of Fame is irksome, if not really important.

I was NOT a Giants’ fan, however, the memories of Marty Glickman a great announcer, calling a touchdown involving the superb Tittle to Shofner combination, is a lasting memory.

In opening a 1986 interview with Marty, I asked him to recreate such a call (he also intoned “good like Nedicks”) and that is another indelible memory.

Marty did so intoning “throwing deep for Shofner” and actually raising his arms, saying and “indicating” touchdown.

Del can now run deep, perhaps among the stars. He certainly was a transcendent player in glorious, better days.


refer to caption

Del Shofner, pictured above, began his NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams. Twice with them and thrice with the Giants, Del was an All Pro selection.

Those seasons (’58,’59 and ’61-’63) were all years/seasons the Giants won the NFL Eastern Conference crown.

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