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Much Nostalgia, (Hopefully Reading As Well) Ahead

March 13, 2020

Something called the coronavirus has made it “necessary” to cancel many events, including all in the world of major sports. That includes the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

I “react” with lots of sports nostalgia, which I am wont to do anyway.

Upcoming, as I pondered “distinguish between Ed Walsh and Ed Plank,” two great early twentieth century pitchers, I noticed “Big” Ed Walsh died on the same day (May 26, 1959–I noticed the date and thought correctly) Harvey Haddix lost a game, despite hurling 12 perfect innings.

Tomorrow, more to link Ed Walsh and Harvey Haddix with other notes.

Meanwhile, NOW seems a good time not only to reflect, but to read and expand one’s horizons, certainly beyond sports and especially beyond the incessant, “same thing” sports talk, that permeates the airwaves.


Ed Walsh portrait 1911.jpg

Ed Walsh, pictured above, both once won 40 games in a season and hurled well over 400 innings in another. More on this great, tomorrow.

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