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Marvin Miller To The Baseball Hall Of Fame, Finally

December 13, 2019

It took way too long, however, the amount was less than (it appears there is no “less than” symbol on keyboards) never, to put Marvin Miller, whose IMPACT on baseball was/is undeniably huge, into its Hall of Fame.

Mr. Miller is a posthumous selection, having died at age 95 in 2012.

In his tenure as baseball player’s union head, salaries increased ten times. Before that, the players were on a truly unjust side of fairness.

This week’s signings of three stars, none, in my book, anywhere near as great and certainly not as proven, as say a Mickey Mantle, who had to take a salary cut, though he hit .365, illustrate it went too far the other way.

However, initially it was even more unfair against the players and Marvin Miller, more than anyone, changed that. His place in baseball history demanded much earlier entry to the Hall of Fame.

On a positive note, he is finally there, even this week’s signings do not deny the justice in that. Better late, even very late, than never, indeed.






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