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Horace Clarke Breaking Up No Hit Bids

October 4, 2019

I recall then New York Yankees’ second baseman, Horace Clarke breaking up three no hit bids, by American League pitchers in the ninth inning, back in 1970.

Incredibly, Clarke did so within a period of less than a month, (June 4th-July 2nd), first vs Jim Rooker, then Wilford “Sonny” Siebert and finally vs Joe Niekro.

Only Siebert, who had the lone no hit game in baseball 1966, (in what was to be Sandy Koufax’s last season and after pitching a no hit game for four straight seasons, Sandy did not pitch one in 1966), among the three, had a no hit game in his career.

I remember sitting at my school type desk, listening when Mr. Clarke broke up Niekro’s no hit bid. In those, I believe better days, not all, in fact less than half of the Yankees’ games were televised.


Horace Clarke 1970.jpg

Horace Clarke, pictured above.

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