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Watching “Perry Mason” on MeTV

October 3, 2019

It is very entertaining and nostalgic to watch the iconic television show, “Perry Mason” on MeTV.

The show airs twice a day, with different episodes at 9 A.M. and 11:30 P.M. Eastern Time.

Last night from season 1, episode 14 “The Case of the Baited Hook,”, there seems more personal interaction going on between Barbara Hale’s “Della” and Raymond Burr’s “Perry Mason.” Della reminds Perry of her “value.”

Also in the episode, William Hopper’s “Paul Drake” puts an “out of order” sign around a phone booth. That action would not be necessary today. This was quite an episode, originally shown on Saturday night December 21, 1957, with the fine actress, Geraldine Wall as the top billed guest star.

Time moves on, for better or worse and watching “Perry Mason” makes it better.



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