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Baseball “Hall” Thoughts

July 23, 2019

Last Sunday, the Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed 6 new inductees.

The first Hall of Fame “class” in 1939, was comprised of 5 members.

Congratulations to all.

Paraphrasing and nearly quoting the late broadcaster and “Hall” member, Harry Caray–“As the days wind down to a precious few, one accelerates his appreciation of Stan Musial, not only a great player but also a tremendous person.”

Stan was a mainstay at the “Hall” ceremonies, It is nice they continue, but alas how much time must pass, until the man who passed Stan for most National League hits, namely Pete Rose is allowed?!


In the decisive game 5 of a “quarterfinal” in baseball’s first “tournament” in 1995, ’19 Hall of Fame inductee, Edgar Martinez, slammed the game ending, 2 runs batted in hit.

Earlier in the tilt, a little known pitcher named Mariano Rivera, pitched effectively and seemed to have no fear, despite the pressure.

His team, the Yankees, denied in ’95, won 4 of the next 5 World Series, with ’19 inductee, Rivera a big part of the team.



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