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Recalling Pass Receiver, Buddy Dial

July 24, 2019

I fondly recall the excellent pass receiver, Buddy Dial, who played in the NFL for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys.

He had some big seasons with the Steelers in the early 1960’s. Dial was drafted by the New York Giants, but never played for them.

Most notable: Dial and the Steelers with 3 ties, had a chance to win the NFL Eastern Conference crown, but were denied by the Giants, in the 1963 regular season finale at Yankee Stadium.

Also, Dial in 1962 scored a touchdown for the home team, Steelers and is stunned when a small “celebration canon” shoots off, in front of him.

A photo image of that moment, after Buddy’s (number 84 and the player to the right) touchdown.













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