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Rita Rudner Heads A Great Cast And Show, “Two’s A Crowd” At 59E59 Theaters

July 22, 2019

Rita Rudner, a marvelous performer and comedic stalwart, leads the exceptional cast in her return to the New York City stage, in “Two’s A Crowd” now playing at 59E59 (59 East 59th Street).

Two’s A Crowd written by Rita and her husband, Martin Bergman, who also directs, is a truly humorous, but also relevant, moving look at relationships as the earth does what it does–revolves!

The performance is a great vehicle for Ms. Rudner and her comedy, which has made her a legendary performer. She plays “Wendy Solomon” reeling from husband Gus’ infidelity and due to computer error (of course the hotel is not financially liable), essentially forced to share a room with Tom, played very well by Robert Yacko.

Kelly Holden Bashar and Brian Lohmann, each stand out in multiple roles.

There are eleven songs with music and lyrics by Jason Freddy. Mr. Freddy appears on stage, helping the story along with some smooth guitar playing. The show is produced by Impro Theatre in association with Ritmar Productions, Inc.

A tidbit of the fine writing/Rudner as “Wendy” humor. “I was thinking of taking one of those anger management classes. But when I phoned to inquire about it, the woman who answered the phone was so irritating, I just got …..”

You will only get angry, if you do not see “Two’s A Crowd.” It was a great pleasure seeing the performance, even on a stifling hot day.

Click below for ticket information and the 59E59 website. Performances are Tuesday-Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 2PM and 7PM and Sunday at 2PM. The last performance is Sunday August 25th.

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The marvelous Rita Rudner, pictured above.









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  1. Suzanne Stone permalink

    Wonderful show – loved the great acting, funny story with heart and just thoroughly enjoyable!. The show would be better without the one line President Trump bashing.

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