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June 4, 2019

Yesterday, word began to leak out that the phenomenal Jeopardy champion, James Holzhauer was going to have his 32 episode win skein snapped.

Another time, regarding the lost drama for one watching. It was reminiscent of the tape delayed United States Olympics hockey victory, vs the heavily favored and great Soviet team on a February, Friday night, 39 plus years ago.

I watched yesterday’s Jeopardy episode wondering about certain things (host Alex Trebek wondered regarding “enough already” and acknowledged Mr. Holzhauer’s daughter’s kindness, in writing him a get well card).

Yet despite some “give me Art Fleming/let the contestants keep the $, resentments, that often manifest while watching this great, Merv Griffin created show, yesterday’s episode became special.

First off Emma Boettcher won, denying Mr. Holzhauer, who finished second and fell short of Ken Jennings’ record winnings. Jay Sexton was also solid, finishing third and I believe was correct on “answers” that were in Holzhauer’s “zone.”

Most special was James Holzhauer acknowledging Ms. Boettcher’s lead, entering the way too powerful Final Jeopardy and then coming across, to congratulate Emma on her victory.

While Mr. Trebek, as cited here more than once, the narrator of the official NHL Stanley Cup playoffs film, the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the title in 1967, congratulated Ms. Boettcher first, his extra “hand” on James’ hand, in their subsequent handshake, was a touching moment.


James Holzhauer, pictured above.








Merv Griffin, pictured above.

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