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NHL Update And Notes

June 5, 2019

The St. Louis Blues’ series squaring win in game 4 (Ryan O’Reilly both “opened” in the game’s first minute and snapped a (2-2) game tie, manifesting in a (2-2) series tie, with a third period goal) means among other things, the Boston Bruins will host game 5 of a (2-2) NHL final, for the first time in their history.

While playing in and being denied in 4 road, game 5/(2-2) series, NHL final tilts, never before, in 16 previous best of 7, NHL final series, have the Bruins hosted such an entity.

In winning their last title in 2011, Boston recovered from the game 5 loss at Vancouver, to win #6 at home and ease in #7 at “VAN” to win the title. The other three times that the Bruins played a road 5th game of a (2-2) NHL final, they lost in 6 games and were eliminated at home.

Though this is the third straight Bruins’ final series to be (2-2), (’11 and ’13 vs “Chi”), it is only the fifth in 17, best of seven Bruins’ final series. Montreal (Canadiens) won a third straight title vs Boston, twenty years apart in ’58 and ’78, winning at home in #5 and at Boston in game 6 to take the crown.

St. Louis Blues’ final round history is exponentially simpler as they lost in 4 straight games in their previous 3 NHL final series (’68-’70).

Game 5 is tomorrow night in Boston, #6 is in St. Louis on Sunday night and game 7, if necessary, would be in Boston a week from tonight.


In the above referenced game 5/1958 NHL final Montreal win vs Boston, the legendary Maurice “The Rocket” Richard tallied in overtime, lifting the Canadiens to victory.


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