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A Bit, “Way Out” “9” Year NHL Notes And Update

April 20, 2019

The 2019 NHL playoffs are the 80th that will have a best of seven final series (1939-2019, no playoffs in 2005).

In that first series, the first of what will be nine years of “9” year best of seven final series, the Boston Bruins defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the crown/Stanley Cup.

Those two original six franchises, the only two to qualify for the ’19 offs are meeting in this year’s first round. The winner (Toronto, sans an NHL final appearance or title since winning it all in 1967 when long time Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek narrated the Stanley Cup film, leads that series (3-2) with #6 in what should be a rollicking Toronto tomorrow night), might be the only previous “9” year/best of seven Cup final winner in the 2019 quarterfinal round.

Last night the Colorado Avalanche scored 5 goals and 5’d the Western Conference top seed, Calgary Flames, the 1989 champions.

Already, the New York Islanders had “dismissed” the 2009 champion Pittsburgh Penguins, while despite a great improvement, the ’59,’69 and ’79 champion, Montreal Canadiens, failed to make the ‘offs.

In addition to the Leafs (Toronto won it all in 1949) vs Bruins winner, only the Dallas Stars, currently in a (2-2) series vs the Nashville Predators, are a previous “9” year/best of seven final champion, with a chance to make the NHL quarterfinal round.

Dallas won the ‘1999 crown, affecting a party in that city (if father Bobby Hull was/is king, son Brett, who had the still disputed Cup winning goal in overtime of game 6, at Buffalo (Sabres), is “Prince.” Alas, the great performer Prince was from Minnesota, which was the Stars’ original home, when they were known as the Minnesota North Stars).


Dick Duff, who also played on 4 title teams with Montreal, was a member of two Leafs’ title teams.

Prince – 1999 (Official Music Video)

Click above to view Prince perform “1999”




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