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Early Season Baseball Update

April 2, 2019

It is of course, so early in the 2019 baseball season, however, it is noteworthy that only one team (the (3-0) Philadelphia Phillies) is either undefeated or sans a victory.

“Out of the gate” fast, is (6-1) Seattle (Mariners) which won both games in Japan with the retiring Ichiro, and thus far, 4 of 5 in Seattle.

Included in that, were 3 of 4 wins vs the defending champion, Boston Red Sox, who have lost four of five games.


The great player, George Sisler, pictured below, held the big league record with 257 hits in a season for 84 years, until Ichiro Suzuki, cited above as having retired 2 games into the this season, broke it with 262 hits in 2001.

Click below for a nice article by Bob Sherwin, written 15 years ago this October, regarding Ichiro, Sisler and the one season hits record.

HITS-TORY! Ichiro breaks Sisler’s record – The Seattle Times


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