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Tributes To Albert Finney, Stanley Donen And Morgan Woodward

February 27, 2019

Among the great actors nominated many times, sans an Academy Award “victory,” is Albet Finney, a classy, superb actor, who passed on this month.

The always (more or less by definition) too short “In Memoriam” segment of the recent Academy Awards, ended with Mr. Finney, a well deserved honor.

I also note the passing of Morgan Woodward at age 93 and in tribute  include a past post, involving the excellent character actor, perhaps best known for his role as Marvin “Punk” Anderson on the iconic television show, “Dallas.”

Click below for a post including Morgan Woodward’s fine work.

Joan Van Ark, Morgan Woodward, Gunsmoke and Dallas


Stanley Donen, another great he a director and choreographer, who among other things directed Gene Kelly in “Singin in the Rain,” was neither ever nominated for an Academy Award nor was included in the most recent “In Memoriam”/Academy Awards.

Thus, I feel the above video of Mr. Donen, introduced by Mr. (Martin) Scorsese, receiving an “Honorary” Award is a nice, meaningful tribute to Mr. Donen, whom we lost recently. He was 94 years old.



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