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Thoughts On The 1980 Hockey Winter Olympics

February 26, 2019

As stated in last Sunday’s post about the 39 year anniversary of the U.S. Olympic hockey team winning the gold medal, I did have the honor and pleasure to meet many of the players, approximately twenty years after their Olympic triumph.

Among them, I recall Dave Silk, Ken Morrow and goaltender Jim Craig all talking objectively and in proud fashion regarding those Olympic games.

Truly all the players echoed their great pride and the acknowledgement of how great the Soviet team, whom they upset in the semis, was.

I posed the question and their responses particularly about the great player Valeri Kharlamov, who was among the greatest to ever play, were truly heartwarming.

They set forth praise for their opponents, in addition to their great “on ice” achievement.

Those players were a classy, inspiring bunch, who will live on in so many people’s memories for a long time.



Goaltender Jim Craig, pictured below, was brilliant in leading the U.S. Olympic hockey triumph.








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