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Joan Van Ark, Morgan Woodward, Gunsmoke and Dallas

July 23, 2014

I watched an episode of Gunsmoke on “TV Land” that guest starred Morgan Woodward and Joan Van Ark as father and daughter.

My thoughts turned to their Dallas/Knots Landing history.

Both shows were monster hits on the CBS network. Mrs. Paley, the wife of CBS chairman William Paley, loved “Gunsmoke” and it ran for 20 years.

Dallas, my favorite, made world news when it was revealed “Who Shot J.R.” in 1980. I was told a pilot made an announcement as to the culprit’s identity on a flight that Friday night in November.

Ms. Van Ark, whom I recall fondly as a big basketball fan and presenter at the first Sports Emmys Award win for Bob Costas in 1988, played “Valene Ewing” on both the “Dallas” and “Knots Landing” TV Shows.

Mr. Woodward, now 88 years old and a veteran of 19 Gunsmoke episodes, played Marvin “Punk” Anderson on Dallas. He also is recalled fondly as a resounding, ominous presence behind tinted glasses, in the movie “Cool Hand Luke.”

Morgan Woodward

Morgan Woodward

Joan Van Ark

Joan Van Ark


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