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Edgar Martinez Makes The Hall

January 24, 2019

Last July, I called/posted for Edgar Martinez to make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now he has done so. He was a tremendous hitter, delivering many clutch hits, most notably a 2 run double that transformed a 1 run Seattle deficit into a division series victory, in the decisive 5th game vs the Yankees in 1995.

After that heartbreaking loss, the Yankees switched to Joe Torre as their manager and won 4 World Series in the next 5 seasons, a truly remarkable feat.

Then they added Mike Mussina and in the 8 years he hurled for them (’01-’08), the Yankees failed to win the World Series. The first year after he left, they won another crown. “Dragnet” just the facts!

Click below for my post from July 2018 regarding Edgar Martinez


This year two tremendous designated hitters, Harold Baines and Edgar Martinez were afforded Hall of Fame status.

In our post 1968 “Strat O Matic Baseball” season, we were ahead of our time using a designated hitter.

One day I will tell you the story of my Dad, being called on to determine where Gates Brown, who had a tremendous “card,” would bat in his team’s batting order. Memories!





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