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Edgar Martinez Deserves “Hall” Status

July 24, 2018

At times, I have discussed and given my views concerning players, I believe, though in, should not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now with some frequency, I will opine on some, that I truly believe should be in, certainly in with the caveat that if player A is in, so ought to be player C (too many B’s).

One player, as good a hitter as there has been in many years, that ought to be in, certainly in light of the fact certain others are, is the great designated hitter Edgar Martinez.

The media and others talk about the “eye test.”

I recall Marty Glickman, the great sportscaster saying “one just had to see him play to know how good he was,” concerning those select players.

Martinez could hit as few others could, the designated hitter, for better or worse, (I helped put it in my Strat-O-Matic Baseball league 5 years before it came to the big leagues) has been part of the game for 45 years and Edgar along with the truly great David Ortiz, is the best one.

He deserves to be in the Baseball Hall.


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