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The Kansas City Chiefs Lead In The AFC

December 10, 2018

The (11-2) Kansas City Chiefs have more than a game lead over any other AFC team, with just three games remaining in the regular season.

Yesterday, while K.C. won by a field in overtime vs the (7-6) Baltimore Ravens, two teams now both (9-4), New England and Houston lost.

A pair of now (7-6) teams, the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, the latter on a last play lateral filled miracle, defeated Houston and New England respectively.

Meanwhile (3-10) Oakland (Raiders) upset the (7-5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers, keeping the Steelers’ AFC North lead over the Ravens at a fraction of a game.

Next for K.C. is a Thursday night home tilt vs the (10-3) Chargers, who survived to win yesterday, vs the (5-8) Cincinnati Bengals. At this point and even if they lose the next game, the Chiefs have the tiebreaker and no matter will lead the AFC West after the game.

If the Chiefs win vs the Chargers, as they are favored to do, they will be in all likelihood, as is the case now, the AFC “1” seed.


The Chiefs have 2 home games and but one road game left in the regular season. They likely will avoid the road in any AFC playoff game in a bid to make their first Supe in 49 years.

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