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Red Sox Opener Continues Trends

October 24, 2018

The Boston Red Sox now (10-3) in World Series opening games, “doubled” the Los Angeles Dodgers (8-4), to take a (1-0) lead in the 2018 World Series.

In the tilt, Andrew Benintendi had 4 hits and scored 2 runs while Eduardo Nunez, who fielded and threw the clinching out in the “div” series for Boston, hit a 3 run pinch home run, B7, to account for the game’s final runs.

Now in alternate games this post-season, game 1, losing pitcher, Clayton Kershaw has been very good and pretty poor twice each.

Last year, after Kershaw won the W.S. opener (below I will post that and the preview citing Joe Green, Jack Molinas and the World Series scene from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest), I warned of the positive Kershaw hype, this time I warn of the negative.

However, to this point, Kershaw has been a major post-season disappointment.

While the Red Sox won their sixth straight World Series opener and ninth in ten, after losing in two of their first three, the Dodgers fell to (6-14) in such tilts, having lost their first five and six of their first seven.

For the record the exceptions to the prevalent Red Sox trend cited above are Red Sox World Series opening game losses to Deacon Phillippe in the first World Series (1903), Grover Cleveland Alexander in 1915 and Bob Gibson in 1967.

Boston (Red Sox) (8-4) in previous W.S. lost both the World Series opener and said series, ONLY in 1967, that in 7 games when the great GIBSON, beat them for a third time that real Columbus Day Thursday, October 12th (no school as I watched at Michael Santasieri’s house).

More or less conversely, the Dodgers (6-13) in previous World Series won both the series opener and said series only twice in now 20 possibilities.

Twenty five years apart, the great Sandy Koufax won games 1 and 4 of a 1963 W.S. sweep of the vaunted New York Yankees and when they last “titled,” thirty years ago, riding Kirk GIBSON’s dramatic game ending home run in game 1 and subsequent Orel Hershiser pitching, to a 5 game triumph vs the Oakland A’s.


Click below to view posts both before and after game 1 of the 2017 World Series, as cited in the fourth paragraph above.




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