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Boston vs Los Angeles and Current Los Angeles Franchises Final Round Notes

October 23, 2018

Though current Los Angeles and Boston sports franchises have met in previous baseball and football final series/games, only in basketball, had/have the cities met in final round play until this World Series between Boston (Red Sox) and Los Angeles (Dodgers).

Eleven times, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have met for the NBA crown, Boston winning eight, including the first seven. Los Angeles won three of the last four.

The Celtics also defeated the Minneapolis Lakers in the 1959 NBA final series.

As cited yesterday the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers franchise, then in Brooklyn in the 1916 World Series.

Meanwhile the Patriots defeated the once and now again Los Angeles Rams, but then located in St. Louis in the 2001 season Super Bowl, the first of five crowns for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, respectively the Patriots’ quarterback and coach, still there and as are the current Rams, a viable Super Bowl threat.

Altogether Boston franchises are (11-3) vs current Los Angeles franchises, (8-3) vs just in Los Angeles.

Also tonight for the ninth time in 12 Boston/Los Angeles final series and the 11th in 13 “current franchises” final series, the Boston team opens the series at home.


The 1969 Celtics and 1985 Lakers are the only teams in this history, to open on the road and win the title.

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