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“Slow it down,” regarding Kershaw’s greatness

October 25, 2017

Once, at an event I attended, a long time Dodgers’ pitcher, John Podres was “holding court.”

I knew what others were surprised about and it is one of many reasons that although Clayton Kershaw who “7 innings’d” a World Series opening game win last night (if anything talk Justin Turner and yet another essentially game winning home run, as L.A. “opened” Houston and now are nearly 3 to 1 series “faves”) is an outstanding pitcher, he is not as good as Bob Gibson and maybe not even Tom Seaver. Comparing him favorably to Sandy Koufax, as Kershaw was routed in 2 elimination games and had other P.S. failures, is absurd.

Podres cited the National League he pitched in and for example going to or facing the eighth place Chicago Cubs. Easy, right? Wrong!

The excellent left handed pitcher, by the way not better overall than Kershaw, but to this point and maybe no matter what transpires in the future, a better post-season pitcher than Kershaw, cited facing that eighth place Cubs team, whose lineup included 3 future Hall of Fame players, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Ron Santo.

The rest of the loop was loaded with great talent, pitching yes but even more so, hitting. There were only 10 teams two more than 8, but EVERYONE was allowed to play, making the quality of play in that league, at that time, not so arguably, the best in baseball history.



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