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NHL Semis Are Set Tampa Bay vs Washington And Winnipeg vs Las Vegas

May 11, 2018

The N.H.L. semi-finals are set and begin tonight (unlike the NBA, which stretches its series to accommodate almighty television–3 days off in the East and a whopping 5 days in the West, the NHL at least to this point, moves its series along).

In the East, beginning tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning who 5’d both the Devils and Bruins (one might also say T.B. “licked” the Bruins, playing off the fact a Boston player Brad Marchand (oddly Marchand turns 30 today on this the 46th anniversary of the Bruins’ 1972 Stanley Cup victory) was involved in another of modern sports unsavory incidents) meet the Washington Capitals, who 6’d both the Blue Jackets and defending two time champion, Penguins.(Wash still has lost 9 of 11 series (those #’s again!) to the still great Pens.

“T.B.” is nearly a 2 to 1 series fave vs the Caps and I, so often wrong of late, but usually pretty good when no money is involved, say “Wash” will pull the upset and advance to their first final in 20 years.

If they do, will the excellent, but as with Scully, NOT “one who walks on water,” Mike Emrick, get it right as 20 years.

After the Caps’ “quarter” win that put them in the semis for the first time in 20 years, Emrick incorrectly stated it had been 19.

In the West, it will be Las Vegas vs Winnipeg. Both T.B. and “Win”nipeg have the home advantage. Tomorrow more on Winnipeg vs Las Vegas, a post which will include a note ONLY I will disseminate.




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