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Winnipeg To The Semis With Great Notes

May 12, 2018

Here comes that note only I will/could disseminate because almost nobody, if any, would know it.

Few if any series configurations, in any best of seven post-season series, were the way the Winnipeg 7 game, 3 wins on the road “quarter,” manifested vs the Nashville Predators.

I know of two and each is a bit related to the third one, just completed between Winnipeg and Nashville.

Far less “related” than the other, the Celtics took the 1974 NBA crown by winning, as Winnipeg did in its quarter vs Nashville, (the Winnipeg/Nashville “quarter” matched the two teams with the league’s best records), games 1, 5 and 7 on the road.

Winnipeg and the ’74 Celtics also won game 1 on the road and #3 at home. Each of course/by definition lost game 2 on the road (by the way each in overtime, I did not look up any of this. You think Joe Buck, Michael Kay, Mike Francesa or even the great Bob Costas would know this!!!) and games 4 and 6 at home.

More incredible, is the fact that the Quebec Nordiques, now the Colorado Avalanche, won the other such road, home, home, 4 road series I know took place, vs the Montreal Canadiens, in game 7, in overtime on a goal by Peter Stastny.

Last night, in far less dramatic fashion, Paul Stastny, the son of Peter Stastny, scored 2 goals, with the one that made it (2-0) Winnipeg, credited as the series winning goal.

Hence the father/son Stastny/truly unusual series configuration in a year the Celtics again 7’d the Bucks, albeit in a far different, all home team wins series, a quarterfinal.

Yet as Lionel Ritchie might say or sing “STILL” quite a coincidence only I would/could disseminate.


Click below to view Peter Stastny’s overtime, series winning goal for Quebec vs Montreal in the 1985 NHL quarterfinal round.

Nordiques vs Canadiens Game 7 highlights – 1985 Adams Div. Final

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