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Golden State/Houston and Cleveland/Boston In The NBA “Semis”

May 10, 2018

The NBA semi-final round is set as the defending champion Golden State Warriors will face the top ranked Houston Rockets in one “semi” while the Cleveland Cavaliers, as is the case with Golden State in their fourth straight “semi,” will meet the Boston Celtics.

Houston and Golden State each no covered in Tuesday past home wins vs New Orleans (Pelicans, whom I believe went (7-2) vs the spread in the ‘offs) and Utah (Jazz, who went (6-4) vs “the number” of the insidious sub culture) and will not open until Monday, in Houston, on TNT, hopefully with by far, the best  NBA network announcer, the great Marv Albert.

Meanwhile Cleveland and Boston, meeting in the semis for the second straight season, begin on Sunday afternoon in Boston.

Cleveland now (4-7) vs the spread and so dangerous swept the Toronto Raptors while nearly a 5 to 1 series underdog, Boston “5’d” the not ready Philadelphia 76ers.

For the second straight season, Cleveland which “5’d” the Celts in last year’s “semi,” is a big favorite, despite Boston having the home advantage.

Golden State, sans home advantage is close to a two to one favorite vs the Rockets.

The Warriors’ streak of 14 straight ‘offs series with the home advantage, (I believe only two different Celtics’ teams/eras had more) will end as this series is played.

Golden State and the great, great Boston Celtics, who did so 9 straight seasons from (1957-1965) are the only  NBA teams to get the top record for as many as three straight seasons.

The Warriors did so (2015-2017), a period  in which they won 2 of 3 final round meetings vs Cleveland.


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