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Notes Regarding The Excellent Film, “Diner”

May 9, 2018

While watching the excellent Baltimore based movie, “Diner,” written and directed by Barry Levinson, the other day, three notes came to mind.

First, the title winning Colts’ coach was Weeb Ewbank, NOT Ewbanks as in the film or even Eubanks, as in “Newlywed Game” host Bob Eubanks.

The other two are coincidences of sort.

First the character, “Bagel,” played by Michael Tucker comments on the law profession saying “call that an honest living.” Mr. Tucker, not long after his role in “Diner,”  played a lawyer on the television show, “L.A. Law.”

Last, one of the characters, a fanatical Baltimore Colts’ fan (his prospective wife must pass a quiz on the team, to assure the marriage) is named “Modell.”

In the film the home 1959 NFL Title game is referenced, though the Colts’ win is not.

The next time the Colts were in the Title game, 5 years later, the Cleveland Browns owned by Art Modell, defeated them (27-0).

Years later, the same Art Modell, moved the Browns to Baltimore, where they became the Baltimore Ravens.


Pictured clockwise: All went onto/continued fine acting careers; Timothy Daly, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser and Steve Guttenberg

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