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Eagles’ Title Adds To The “56 End” Lore

February 7, 2018

As the saying go “for better or worse,” things seem to end at 56.

Their (41-33) Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, who began AFL play that year, (current Eagles team owner Jeffrey Lurie’s family were Pats’ season ticket holders), was the first Philadelphia Eagles’ NFL Title since 1960.

Thus a 56 season (’61-2016) title drought ended in the same baseball/football year (2017), in which the Houston Astros, in their 56th season (1962-2017), won their first World Series.

The baseball Giants in both New York and predominantly in San Francisco won titles 56 years apart, in 1954 and not again until 2010.

Speaking of the San Francisco area, the great Joe DiMaggio was born there. Not so arguably, sports’ greatest streak, Mr. DiMaggio’s consecutive game hitting streak ended after 56 games.

As is the unfortunate case with most teams, the Eagles have a corporate named playing field, the first name of which is Lincoln.

This evokes a great man, who fought the greed which contributed mightily to why slavery existed.

Tragically, President Abraham Lincoln’s life ended when he was shot to death at the age of 56 in Washington D.C.

Alas the Eagles’ title season began there.

Finally, my maternal grandfather, also named Abraham and for whom I am named, died eleven years before I was born, doing so in a fire, at the age of 56.


Ted Dean had a huge kickoff return play, helping the Eagles win the 1960 NFL Title Game, played on a Monday, the day after Christmas.

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