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Supe Notes

February 6, 2018

There are many notes concerning the Eagles’ Supe win, not likely to be found any place but here.

One is the one I wrote before the Supe on Sunday and now in all 11 “neutral network” Supe telecasts, there has never been one in which a pre 1960 expansion NFL team lost to a non pre 1960 expansion team. Check the post below.

Today I add this one, that is 8 for 8, encompassing the 8 Patriots’ Super Bowl appearances in the Brady/Belichick era.

When N.E. covered the spread in their AFC Title Game wins, (they were big underdogs in the first one in ’01 at Pittsburgh, otherwise they were faves, and other than in ’04, again at Pittsburgh, at home), they were (5-0) in the subsequent Supes.

This season for the third time, they “no covered” in their AFC Title Game win and for the third time lost outright in the subsequent Super Bowl.

Click below to read this past Sunday’s post.

“Neutral Network” Supe Notes, So Likely, ONLY I Provide





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