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A History Of Significant, often First Philadelphia Sports team Titles Achieved vs Great Team Opponents, Part 1

February 8, 2018

The Eagles’ Super Bowl win vs a “great era, if not great seasonal,” New England Patriots’ team, continued a history of Philadelphia teams winning or virtually winning significant, in most cases first titles (will ‘splain that one to all you “Rickys”) vs truly great teams.

Start with the first “Philly” crown, won by the Philadelphia Athletics, themselves an eventual great team with 4 pennants and 3 World Series wins in 5 seasons (1910-1914), who beat a tremendous Chicago Cubs team, in the 1910 World Series.

The Cubs were in the final season of a 4 pennants in 5 seasons feat of their own (1906-1910). They “titled” twice, doing so in 1907 and 1908, and not again for 116 years.

Philly’s virtual crown vs what was an, if not THE all time team, the Boston Celtics, is a bit of a stretch as Wilt Chamberlain and company (the ’67 Philadelphia 76ers) still had to beat and struggled to defeat a fine San Francisco Warriors team, to claim the first 76ers crown in 1967.

The Celtics had won 8 straight titles (no other major North American Sports League team has more than 5 in a row, as if that is “chopped anything”), 9 in 10 seasons and unfortunately for “my” Sixers, would win two more for an incredible total of 11 in 13 seasons, all with Bill Russell and ten times with the truly great Sam Jones.

However, defeating the Celtics in 5 games in the NBA semis did make a Sixers’ crown very likely and Philly wiped out the great Celts (140-116) in the series, home clinching game.

Tomorrow a look at the Flyers and the last two Eagles’ NFL titles in this regard.


Jack Coombs won 3 World Series Games For The 1910 Philadelphia Athletics Leading Them to the first ever Philadelphia sports crown.

Coombs and the similarly named, (slightly different pronunciations) Earl Combs, each played on 3 title teams, Jack with the A’s, Earl with the Yankees.

Tomorrow a name, 2 different players with 3 and 4 titles respectively plus a nice personal note on one in our Eagles “portion.”

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