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The Incredible Play Of The First Year Las Vegas Golden Knights

January 31, 2018

Rarely if ever, do I comment on the NHL or NBA regular season.

However, now one game after the all-star break in the NHL, it is time, no matter what happens the rest of the way or in the ‘offs, to hail the amazing expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights!

Last night “Vegas” overcame a late deficit to win at Calgary vs the Flames, and are 11 points ahead, in a bid to become the first expansion team to win its entity, in a non all expansion team entity, in major North American Sports League history.

They have the most points in the Western Conference and in Las Vegas, where much is about odds, the Golden Knights, incredibly, a first year team are the “plurality” faves (4 to 1 against), to win the conference.

L.V. is only one point behind the Tampa Bay Lightning for the most points in the entire NHL, with a game in hand.

The Golden Knights, barring a major collapse, will join the 1966-1967 Chicago Bulls, who did so way down in the standings, in a league, the NBA, where at least 80 percent of the teams qualified for the ‘offs that season, as the only first year expansion teams to make the ‘offs, without being in an all first year expansion team division (that was the case in the NHL in ’67-’68).

This pace and performance is incredible!


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