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More Boston/Philadelphia Final Notes

February 1, 2018

In addition to the two baseball final/World Series meetings between Boston and Philadelphia, cited here last week, there have been two other such clashes between the two cities/regions.

One of course, was a Super Bowl/NFL final won by the Patriots (once Boston, now New England) vs the Eagles of Philadelphia to win the ’04 NFL title.

That win gave the Patriots an astounding 3 NFL crowns in the first four seasons, in which Tom Brady (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” with his “of late” personal hype, leading to right, wrong, somewhere in between “Vivian,Vivian, Vivian,” which by the way is a beautiful name) was their quarterback.

Ten years passed before “The Butler did it,” Malcom’s interception, the most important play, as N.E. won another title.

Last season, they overcame a (28-3) deficit to win a second title in 3 seasons, more due to “shoddy minus,” Atlanta Falcons’ play and decision making, but also due to New England greatness.

Now again vs the Eagles, 13 years later, “N.E.” bids for a third crown, in FOUR seasons.

Thirty years before that ’04 season New England Supe win vs the Philadelphia Eagles, who are still seeking their first Supe win, the NHL Philadelphia Flyers, in just their seventh season, beat the Boston Bruins in the 1974 NHL final to win their first NHL title.

The greatest Boston/Philadelphia action/playoffs of any kind, came in basketball, most of it semi-final play between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia Warriors and then even more so by a wide margin, vs the 76ers, of the city of Brotherly Love.

Tomorrow some words on those great sports moments.


No opinion, likely, not to have one with or regarding “the spread,” Sunday.



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