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Title Games Review

January 22, 2018

Both Tom Brady, who rightfully gets acclaim as at least “an,” if not THE, all time quarterback and Nick Foles, who was unfairly disrespected by most of the media, threw multiple touchdown passes as their respective one seed, home teams, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, won title games yesterday.

Thus, the teams will meet in the 52nd Supe, 2 weeks from yesterday in Minneapolis. “N.E.” has opened as a 5 plus point “fave,” a bit low, but dogs, not mine (plus I never had one!) have barked an incredible 9 of ten times, in these ‘offs, after doing so just twice in 11 such tilts last season, including a mind blowing favored Pats’ cover in the Supe.

Mr. Brady again showed his greatness, his Pats down 10 points early in the fourth quarter, Rob Gronkowski out (he did not play in last year’s ‘offs) and facing a third and 18 at his own 25, yet overcoming and leading N.E. to their 10th Supe, 8th with Brady and the great coach Bill Belichick, at the helm.

Danny Amendola hauled in the third and eighteen pass, then two touchdown passes, the latter one preceded by his fine punt return, giving Brady a “short field” of thirty yards to traverse, which he/N.E. did, on the decisive drive.

Stephon Gilmore made an outstanding defensive play for N.E. to all but seal the win, deflecting a last ditch Blake Bortles pass.

Meanwhile Nick Foles threw 3 touchdown passes as the underdog Eagles, who are now (4-0) vs the Vikings in ‘offs play, scored 38 straight points and routed Minne, once (4-0), now (4-6), in title tilts/semis, (38-7).

In ’00, the Giants scored all 41 points in shutting out Minne, in the same round.

Alshon Jeffery had two touchdown catches, while LeGarrette Blount, Torrey Smith and most of all, Patrick Robinson, whose interception return turned the game around, were the Philly” touchdown makers.”

Chris Long, (my cousin said “long” in a different context, as I typed the word) as is the case with Blount, a member of last year’s New England title team, put pressure on Minne QB, Case Keenum on Robinson’s interception and recovered a fumble with Phil up (14-7) and the Vikings deep in Eagles’ territory.

Derrick Barnett forced the Keenum fumble, on which Long, made the key recovery.


Apparently, Mr. Amendola pictured above with Olivia Culpo, makes other seemingly great catch(es.)




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