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Home Team Title Game Notes

January 21, 2018

The home team has won both title tilts four consecutive seasons, tying a record set from (1981-1985,)

Then one of the eight games, the only time in what will be 96 AFC or NFC title games after today, was played on a Saturday.

In the strike marred 1982 NFL season, Washington got a home, Saturday, NFC Title game win vs Dallas.

When Chicago defeated Los Angeles at “Chi,” in the ’85 NFC title tilt, the home win skein in title tilts reached 9.

The team that opened a 9 point favorite, now 8, (vs the Jacksonville Jaguars), in a bid to give the home team a record tying 9 straight home title game wins, New England, coincidentally, was the team that ended the title game, home team 9 game  win skein, by posting a win in the later title tilt, 32 years ago (1985 season,) with a win at Miami in the AFC title game.

That win snapped an 18 game Pats’ losing streak at Miami’s famed Orange Bowl. For the record, the Pats, then known as the Boston Patriots of the AFL, won at the Orange Bowl vs the expansion Dolphins in 1966 and not again at that venue, until the aforementioned title tilt (1967, 1968 and (1970-1985), but did win the 1969 “at the Dolphins game,” however, they did so at Tampa Stadium.


Certainly television and gambling helped the NFL, however one game on television and with some interesting point spread “doings” (oh Joe Buck–these things, for better or worse, matter), the 1958 NFL Title Game, helped boom football, more than any other.

When I think of John Unitas to Raymond Berry in that great game, with all those great players, on two great teams, cynicism is put aside.

Mr. Berry was the Pats’ coach when they roared to 3 road wins to make the 20th Supe. A great Bears’ team “clawed” them (ode to Killer Kowalski) in that Supe, winning decisively.

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