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Vikings/Steelers Notes And Comments

January 20, 2018

Last week’s dramatic play which transformed an extremely likely Minnesota Vikings’ ‘offs defeat into a dramatic victory, extended a streak of the Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers not BOTH losing, when they played on the same playoffs day.

That streak is 6 or technically seven, as an “automatic” concerning both not losing, occurred when Pittsburgh defeated the Vikings, in the ’74 season Super Bowl.

The six times they have played on the same ‘offs day and not vs each other were the Saturday ’73 “slots” (Minne won, Pitts lost), the ’74 title games (both won), the ’76 title games (as was the case in the ’73 “slots,” Minne played earlier at home while Pittsburgh lost at Oakland, vs the Raiders), the ’97 Saturday slots when Pitts won the earlier game at home and Minnesota lost the later tilt, as with the ’73 and ’76 Steelers in the California Bay Area, but at San Francisco.

Continuing, before last week, the two teams played on the same wild card round day only in the strike marred, extra wild card round games season of 1982, when on a Sunday, perhaps playing simultaneously (I know the game at Pittsburgh, was an earlier game), the Vikings won at home while the Chargers ended a 7 game Steelers’ home ‘offs games win skein, all the wins coming in title seasons (’74, ’75,’78 and ’79).

Then there was last week, “Jax,” a similar td underdog tomorrow at New England in the AFC Title Game, had “barked” outright as a 7 point “dog,” dropping the Steelers’ home slots record to (12-2), when Minnesota trailing got the Keenum/Diggs/Horrible New Orleans defense play to make it 6 for 6, that playing on the same ‘offs day, the Vikings and Steelers both do not lose.

This was the fourth time in those six, Minne won and Pittsburgh lost, while once each, Pitts won and Minne lost and both won.

Of course, it is not even close as to which team has the better postseason history.

The Steelers have won 7 games for every 5 losses (not counting 1947) compiling a (35-25) ‘offs mark, while the Vikings have the opposite (maybe that numbers karma got in the way of the Saints defense, causing an all-time bad play) ratio, losing 7 ‘offs games for every 5 they have won, a (20-28) record.

Two important additions, the Vikings are still playing this season as Mike Tomlin’s awful play calling lowlighted a shocking Steelers’ loss, but to this point and maybe for a long time, more compelling, the Steelers won their first 4 Super Bowl games, their first vs the Vikings, and are (6-2) in such tilts, while Minne is (0-4), having never even led at any point in those 4 Super Bowl losses.


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