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Comments, “Consecutive Number of Letters” And Other “Perry Mason” Thoughts

December 20, 2017

I have a “consecutive number of letters thing,” to report as I watched an episode of the superb, over 50 year old show, “Perry Mason” this morning.

First and foremost, the show holds up, though obviously most times with unrealistic courtroom confessions, and the acting led by the intense Raymond Burr as “Perry” is superb.

Anyway, names of the performer, his or her character’s name and number of letters in each.

Using a mix and match, perhaps getting ready for column A/column B, “Jewish Christmas” tradition in 5 days, I got number of letters separated by one for each of the four leading performers/characters.

(Raymond) Burr with 4 and either “Perry” or “Mason” with 5. The lovely (Barbara) Hale with 4 and Della (Street) with 5 as well.

Next 4, 5, 6, and seven for character Paul Drake (played by Hedda’s son) Hopper, William or William Hopper.

Finally, seven and eight letters for first names William (Talman) as Hamilton (Burger).

Mr. Talman’s warning/public service, anti-smoking spot regarding the dangers of smoking cigarettes, is one of the most dramatic and best, so sad, but, hopefully able to help others.

Click below to see Mr. Talman’s public service spot.



William Talman, pictured above.

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