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NFL Penultimate Week Of The “Reg”ular Season Notes

December 21, 2017

There are no more Thursday night NFL tilts this season and despite mounting evidence these games played 3 days after a previous one often result in more injuries to the players, will continue in 2018.

There is just one tilt, in the season’s penultimate week matching teams controlling their “destiny” for divisional titles, with (10-4) New Orleans hosting (9-5) Atlanta in a game, I lament will not be “beamed” into the New York market.

Elsewhere, in games matching contenders of any kind, none with both teams controlling their “div destiny,” AFC one seed leader (11-3) New England is “eleven” vs (8-6) wild card entrant, contender Buffalo (Bills), while the very likely NFC West winning, (10-4) L.A. Rams visit (8-6) Tennessee.

In a tilt between (8-6) wild card entrant hopefuls each needing help even if they win their remaining games to secure said ‘offs berth, Dallas is a 5 point favorite, at home, vs Seattle.


48 years have passed since “con” the Mike Santasieris, I saw the out of the ‘offs, New York Giants win (31-21) vs “my” playoff bound Cleveland Browns, in the 1969 season regular season finale at Yankee Stadium.

The great Leroy Kelly, pictured above, the crowd chided slightly with song lyrics “Leroy your mother is calling” (all good fun, no malice and great respect for Mr. Kelly was shown as had been the case from Giants’ fans toward other running greats on the Browns, Marion Motley, Jim Brown and Bobby Mitchell.

Joe Morrison led the Giants win and while my father and son friends and most others were on the field toward the Giants, I wished Gary Collins, of my team, good luck in the next week’s ‘offs game at Dallas. The Browns won that game, before losing to Joe Kapp, Gene Washington and the Vikings the next week in the last NFL title game, not called The Super Bowl.

In the end, ’twas K.C. with Len Dawson, Otis “Big play” Taylor and a superb defense (23-7) vs Minne in the last of four AFL/NFL Super Bowls.

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