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AFC Update

December 19, 2017

Aided and abetted by a rule that seems ridiculous, the (11-3) New England Patriots left Pittsburgh with an “on the number,” 3 point win, that has them with the inside track to an incredible sixth AFC one seed regular season finish, in the past eight seasons.

Pittsburgh, also (11-3), is still ahead for the very important 2 seed and its “perks” (a first round bye and a home slots game with the possibility of hosting the title game/semi, if the top seed is “slotted” out, which you heard it here first, will happen this season).


Even if (10-4) Jacksonville wins both its remaining tilts (at improving, with quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo S.F. and slumping, but in contention, (8-6) Tennessee) it would require at least one loss as a double digit plus favorite by either New England (they are minus 11 vs (8-6) Buffalo and will be well over 2 touchdown “faves” vs the Jets) or Pittsburgh (minus 10 at (4-8) Houston and likely near 3 touchdown,  maybe even record setting “faves,” vs the currently (0-14) Cleveland) to keep either the Pats or Steelers, from hosting a “slots”/division round game.

Despite that I say the one seed will be “slotted out” i.e. lose in the “quarters” and feel even stronger, with better, but still underdog odds, that there will NOT be a New England vs Pittsburgh AFC title game. We shall see, as that is one reason they play the games.


I have no idea whether the current “climate” regarding such things helps or not. On paper the loss did not, but the intangibles are there. We shall see.

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