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Burt And Kirk In “Gunfight At The OK Corral” Comments

December 18, 2017

The movie team and friendship of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas was so great.

This surged through me, as I watched Burt as Wyatt Earp and Kirk as “Doc” Holliday in “Gunfight At The OK Corral” on TCM.

The fact Burt Lancaster died in 1994 and that Kirk Douglas is 100 years old also was on my mind.

Not knowing and so help me, in the next scene, in character as Earp, Burt says to Kirk as Holiday, words to the effect, that one as you will live forever.

Of course nobody does, but these two movie icons do live on in our memories and in movies we can still see, often on the fabulous TCM.


Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster



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One Comment
  1. Karol permalink

    Loved them both. They were the greatest. Never mentioned politics, which was so admirable.

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