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NFL Update And Comments

December 17, 2017

Yesterday was frustrating, as once it was “nicely” on “dogs” and “overs” in bowl games, as 5 of 6 dogs “barked,” four outright, (two Boise State which has done this type thing before and Georgia State as touchdown underdogs). Additionally 4 of the 6 tilts were “overs.”

In the pros, with local Tirico presiding, it had to be the (8-6) Detroit Lions, staying in contention for one of the two NFC wild card spots, covering, but all teasing (4-8) Chi, which peaked or shall I say “beaked,” with its upset win, at Cincy last week.

The Lions will be favored to win at Cincy next week and if they do so, with a (9-6) record, likely, if not definitely, will at least be “alive” for ‘offs qualification, when the last day of the eighth year,of the second decade of the TWENTY FIRST century and 2017 NFL “reg,” commences on December 31st, two weeks hence.

All the positive talk regarding Chargers, the negative regarding the Chiefs, it had to be and was K.C. in a night, NFL Network Greg Gumbel tilt, leaving (8-6) K.C. with a magic number of 1, to clinch a second straight AFC West crown.

The Chargers, certain “faves” at the currently (5-8) Jets next week and at least slight ones vs (6-7) Oakland in the finale, certainly are still in contention.

Maybe the over rated, underachieving, religious zealot, Chargers quarterback, Phillip Rivers can “pray on it.” He is entitled to his beliefs, of course, but I am tired of having his and others jammed at me and less important, of Rivers’ continual failures in big games, such as last night.

The first of 5 loser/loser/underdog vs winner/winner/fave tilts lost when Denver covered Indy, in an otherwise meaningless tilt, also with Tirico last Thursday, but here are the four for today. I will not count them as predictions but along with Francesa’s final picks, will note them below.

Money before a concerted effort to get the facts correct, Francesa is (1-0) thus far, having picked his buddy, Andy Reed and K.C.

He also picked his “enemy” Bill Belichick and N.E. minus 3 at Pittsburgh and “total chalked it,” with the Saints minus 16 vs the Jets.

Houston plus 10 at Jax, Tenn plus one and a fraction at S.F. the Giants plus a fraction more than a touchdown vs Philly and Oak at night plus 3 vs Dallas are the loser/loser/dog teams.

My one pick remains Green Bay plus 3 at Carolina with The Emperor (Joe Buck) “talking at me/us.”

I lost with not only a loser/loser/dog in Indy, but one whose bettors were “burned” by an overtime touchdown by Buffalo.

Does one try Miami, a big upset winner vs N.E. with “McDonough last Monday night, plus 3 vs those Bills? I will not, but note as only I do, that next week, one day shy of 46 years later, the ‘Phins visit K.C.

On Christmas Day 1971, Miami won a thrilling 2 overtime, slot 2 tilt with Curt Gowdy, next week Miami, with a win today and at (7-7) would take the field at K.C. (I will say with K.C. good luck charm, “Mout” (Kevin Harlan), with playoff qualification hopes.


Yesterday in college was.

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