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“A Regular Little Houdini” Playing At 59E59 Is An Amazing Show

December 16, 2017

Before seeing the amazing show, “A Regular Little Houdini,” (at 59E59 through December 31st) I thought the physical prowess, in a show partially about Harry Houdini, would be good, (it was great!).

Meanwhile the story and the one man performance by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, who also wrote the show, was amazing.

Seeing Mr. Williams perform “tricks” and talk of “amazements” right out of the Harry Houdini book, would have sufficed for great entertainment.

Add Williams intensity, humor and pathos, in telling a story concerning the tragic event in Newport, South Wales in 1909, and you are in for an incredible performance.

Williams in character, at times channels and talks as Houdini, expresses great emotion regarding family, especially pleasing his father and tells the story with amazing stage presence.

Josh Richards, who received critical acclaim for his one-man show portraying the great actor, Richard Burton, is in the director’s spot for this one, with Meg Cox as the composer.

Produced by Flying Bridge Theatre Limited, “A Regular Little Houdini” is a truly amazing show, well worth seeing.

Click below for more information about the show and how to purchase tickets.

A Regular Little Houdini – at 59E59 Theaters –‎


Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, pictured above, gives a brilliant performance in “A Regular Little Houdini” now through December 31 at 59E59.





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