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Some NFC Updates, Plus One Prediction

December 15, 2017

Thus far my record on predictions is (1-1) this week, (17-5) in the last four weeks.

Today, one prediction, I hope is wrong, or ideally wins with the points, not outright.

Fox of course is sending “The Emperor” Joe Buck to Carolina for returning Rodgers and (7-6) Green Bay (plus three) against the (9-4) Panthers.

I could argue the slightly more important game is (9-4) L.A. Rams at (8-5) Seattle (Seahawks), but you know Rodgers has appeal, plus the GB/Car tilt is not opposite New England/Pittsburgh with Nantz.

The other lead announcer, Michaels, hopes G.B. prevails, as next for the Pack, only in it if they win, is hosting (10-3) Minnesota (Vikings) next Saturday night (December 23rd) with Mr. Michaels, I would think and hope, and on NBC.

They get what they want, Green Bay 24 Carolina 17.


If I followed AndyB’s picks, stop the “If I Were A Rich Man” music, do not go there. It or just about any form of “vs the “house” gambling, will NOT make you a rich man.

It IS a vast and eternal plan, as the great Zero Mostel’s, (pictured above),  “Tevye” asked the question in the classic, “Fiddler On The Roof.”



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