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Baseball Notes Plus an NFL Prediction at the Bottom.

December 14, 2017

For the fourth straight season, the major league baseball champion clinched its crown on the road.

The Astros joined the ’14 Giants and ’16 Cubs with decisive game 7 title clinching road wins, with the ’15 Royals 5th game road clincher, accounting for the 4 season skein.

It is the longest streak of road team W.S. clinchers since the record 6 from (1954-1959).

Book ending the road baseball title clinchers, one could say from “Martin to Maz” as there were no home team World Series clinchers from the time of Alfred “Billy” Martin’s series clinching, game ending hit in #6 of the 1953 W.S. until Bill Mazeroski broke a (9-9) B9 tie, with a home run that gave the Pittsburgh Pirates their first title in 35 years on October 12, 1960.


My Prediction: Pete Gogolak, pictured above, once played for the Bills. Last week in a storm, the Bills went touchdown in overtime to burn cover the Colts.

I usually take the team whose bettors got “burned,” tonight the Colts a 2 point underdog, will ride 4 Adam Vinatieri field goals to (19-17) the Denver Broncos.

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