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The “Nuclear” Reaction In Favor of Eli Manning Is Not One With Which I Agree

December 13, 2017

I lived through the Giants having (1-12-1) and (2-12) seasons and were I a Giants’ fan, would clearly have this bad season in perspective.

The Giants are along with their namesake baseball counterparts an all time value team, in fact easily ranking first, after 5 title losses in 6 such games from (1958-1963).

They have 4 Super Bowl titles, never having lost a conference title tilt, have not all that many “slots/divisional round appearances, and most telling won at least 7 “win or be out” playoff games, they easily could have lost. Saying they were lucky (of course they were also good and matched up well especially vs New England, but not because Manning) is a vast understatement.

I’m going to feel sorry for this team, franchise or Eli Manning, not even considered one of the top 100 players by his peers. Oh and did he not have the audacity to say he was as good as Tom Brady?! Leb James said it and though he is far closer to Brady’s greatness (still well short of it), that really irked me. Eli Manning saying it was ridiculous.

I lament Y.A. Tittle, he not Phil Simms and certainly not Eli Manning, (maybe Charlie Connerly) as the team’s best quarterback, not winning a title (nary a title for Tittle, but did the sanctified Mr. Manning do all that much in the 2 Supe wins?  Of course the fact he has them is a big reason, rightfully so, for the esteem in which he is held).

When the other Giants, then in New York, had a great victory winning the 1951 pennant, I believe a nuclear test was bumped from the headlines. It was considered positive that transpired.

Certainly the Giants winning the ’51 title and all that entailed was bigger news than a quarterback having a bad season, being benched.

I believe another nation had a nuclear test, but Eli Manning, with his millions and great life, being benched had hype, even given today’s culture, I can not believe.

He will be fine. The rest of us?


I waited a week and while Smith lost, certainly they were closer and at least threw the ball downfield. Not so with Manning!

Of course next year, in all likelihood the Giants will have neither Manning nor Smith at quarterback.

Pete Gogolak pictured above, a nice memory on a cold (maybe even my criticism of Manning was such, do not think he is worried) day.



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