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NFL Predictions and Notes

December 10, 2017

Last Sunday, as stated here more than once since this one, now upon us, Derrick Henry turned left end and raced 75 yards for a touchdown, that covered the spread for Tennessee vs Houston.

The result was a rare loss on one of my football predictions here.

Usually, a team that so called “burn covers,” especially in that manner, (theoretically once Henry had the first down, the only chance of his Titans losing the game were if he kept running) does not the following week.

I say that happens this week. (8-4)Tennessee a 3 point favorite, just gets by (5-7) Arizona, by a  (17-16) score.

Mike Francesa again was (3-1) on his “picks” last week. This week he “gives out” the (9-3) Rams minus say 2 vs (10-2) Philadelphia, in the Fox tilt beginning around 4:25 Eastern Time, the (6-6) Packers minus 3 vs the (0-12) Browns (for some seemingly inexplicable reason,  “Cleve” retained Hue Jackson as head coach) and at night, the (10-2) Steelers minus 5, vs the (7-5) Baltimore Ravens.

Now (8-5) Atlanta was a last week loser/loser and originally an underdog vs a last week winner/winner (the latter in the back to back words vs the spread in each case. I could have saved words explaining that), but were bet to favorite status, before covering (9-4) New Orleans.

I will give a slight nod to one of the three loser/loser/underdogs playing this week. The team is (3-9) Denver, which started the season (3-1), plus one and a fraction vs a (5-7) New York Jets team, that was perceived to win at most 3 games and has been highly competitive in most of their games this season.

The other two are Cleveland and Philly, both vs the also hot Francesa.

I do not think Green Bay, even with a returning, great but Not as Tom Brady, (Joe Buck seriously implied he was after GB took Dallas, the week before Rodgers was injured), will make the ‘offs.

However, ‘they’ may want a still in contention Pack team for a Saturday night December 23rd tilt, vs currently (10-2) Minnesota. Hence no prediction favoring Cleveland, which could always lose by one or two points, backing both “theories.”

Before the season, a “proposition bet” on whether there would be a tie game in the NFL this season, favored, fairly strongly as I recall, that there would be at least one such outcome.

The overtime period had been decreased from 15 minutes to ten, obviously making a tie, more likely. Thus far, no NFL ties, but I, so hot with no money involved, say there will be one, dare I say today.


The great Leroy Kelly, pictured above, led the “real” Browns to a home victory vs the Packers essentially, 48 years ago on Sunday December 7th (relevant numbers 28 and now 76 since “a day that will live in infamy.”).

If only “Super,” (the great Pat Summerall) and the very talented Charlie Jones, were still hosting “This Week In The NFL.”

“Super”/Summerall cited the fact that Browns’ win vs the Packers in ’69 was their first in 13 years.



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