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“Jacob Marleys” Will Soon Visit Brian Cashman, Derek Jeter and Giancarlo Stanton

December 9, 2017

Oh let me vent, but in a mostly “above the belt” way.

Brian Cashman of Connecticut and his descendants can not resist more.  They want it, they get it!

As another from Connecticut, Carly Simon sang “I haven’t got time for the pain.”

Just over 40 years after affecting sports balance by annexing Reggie Jackson, (another went under 18 points in a loss to similar and in a 5 man sport, Golden State last night) the Yankees have done similar, regarding Giancarlo Stanton, with help from their “chosen one,” new Marlins’ co owner, Derek Jeter.

Yet other than the name “Stanton,” surely no relation–though we and all things are “related,” it does not bother me.

Odd that the player most responsible in turning their “buy all, disliked Steinbrenner mantra into one of seeking “home grown,” far more palatable, even for anti-Yankees fans, Mr. Jeter, is part of a decided return to buy, buy, buy even if it was a so called “trade.”

Neither Jeter, (so good, perhaps great as a player) and recently revered disproportionally by fans of another “Holy Trinity team” (I read it “hardass,” see Richard Kiley’s great portrayal of a Notre Dame football fan in “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”) the New York Giants, Eli Manning, (surely NOT a great), are heroes.

They get paid beyond words and transparently represent to these type fans, something pure, something to wash away sport’s bad taste.

Sorry you have lowered your standards.

Some worship Mike Francesa, who in shameful fashion, will be honored by being able to “do” his penultimate show at the Paley Center this week.

This is not Joe DiMaggio and certainly not Walter Cronkite and why oh why, as the snow falls, did our standards have to fall so precipitously as well?!


Expect “Jacob Marley” from Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” (pictured above) soon— Messers Cashman, Jeter, and Stanton.

To think, Frank Messer was such a good announcer (he “radio’d” in fine fashion, the ’64 NFL Title tilt, for the Baltimore audience).

The actor portraying “Jacob Marley” pictured above is the great Leo G. Carroll, who also played the title role (not a ghost) in another ghost themed movie, “Topper.”

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