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Another “Tree In The Forest” And Some Of What That Entails

December 11, 2017

It is truly amazing what can happen, when I do not back my predictions with “coin of the realm.”

Two more wins, making my predictions (16-4), a cool 80 percent and with the help of massive snow, I nearly was correct saying that there would be a tie.

For the record, now (6-7) Arizona my main pick, won outright vs (8-5) Tennessee, not needing the plus 3.

Also in a late game, (4-9) Denver eased vs the (5-8) Jets.

True there was a storm, but I nearly called the first tie game of the NFL season, as it looked as though now (7-6) Buffalo and (3-10) Indy would tie, but LeSean McCoy broke loose late in the maximum 10 minute overtime period, for a spread covering touchdown, as “Buff” won (13-7).

Tomorrow an AFC update, later in the week one in the NFC and I will talk “slots”/divisional round as only I can.

I lived it, ate it, still (can’t) sleep it, but IT amounts to nothing.

Last week as I often do, I rolled up the dispensed paper towel after drying my hands, said “Silk” (for the great Jamaal Wilkes, who had 37, the night Earvin had 42 to lead an L.A. title) and shot the towel into the garbage opening. Nobody saw me do so.

If a man has undeniable talent, but gains nada–is not that a waste, but surely it is not garbage.

Stick with me, not so much for my picks, but for great notes as the NFL season has 3 weeks plus tonight’s tilt (I will say 11 point favorite New England wins, but no covers (31-23) at Miami), remaining and then the ‘offs.


Over 37 years have passed since Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes scored 37 (far better known: Earvin had 42) points, as the Lakers won their second L.A. title on May 16, 1980.

I watched in room 302 of a Howard Johnson’s? hotel in L.A. and in those days before Janet Jackson’s boob was exposed (big deal and I looked the other day, there was something covering her nipple. Of course gratuitous violence can be shown!) and the events of 9-11-2001–the radio and television were in sync.

Hence, I fondly recall that when “Silk” shot, the great Lakers’ broadcaster, Chick Hearn, called all his 20 foot shots, “the layup,” and often it manifested, 37 points being the proof!



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