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Andy B Predicts Another “Exact Margin”

December 8, 2017

As stated I did not want to be right (now my Saints to win the NFC South “prediction” is less likely to manifest) but of course (lately my default phrase as noted by Mike W.) ’twas another exact margin Falcons by 3 and just 4 points off an exact score.

Even with the Henry spread covering run that snatched (14-3), I am (14-4) with 5 exact margins, one exact score and some near misses on other “exact scores.”

The Saints still lead the “div” and the other “vs Atlanta” game is in New Orleans, on the day before Christmas.

A win last night would have virtually assured a Saints “div” title now though still favored, the (9-4) Saints are in a battle for NFC South honors with (8-4) Carolina, whom they defeated twice and hence own the tiebreaker and (8-5) Atlanta.


Why George Springer of the champion Astros? First of all, they won it, why not?

Why in a football post? The ‘Stros won their first title in their 56th season! The San Francisco Giants won their first Bay Area crown 56 years after their last one in New York (1954-2010). I do not have to tell you how long the San Francisco Bay Area’s  Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak was (FIFTY SIX games)!

Things end at 56, sadly Abraham Lincoln’s and my grandfather’s (also an Abraham, for whom I am named) life.

Maybe, after 56 seasons sans a title, either the Philadelphia Eagles or Minnesota Vikings, currently the teams with the top 2 NFC records, will win one this season.


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