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“Brooklyn” Even And Pretty Big Series “Faves” Again, Fox Network So Happy, NOT Me!!

October 29, 2017

Three slots on Fox and a two/two W.S. (I am a two plus two equals 5 guy, questioning and vs the networks and their control, but alas two/two equals $$$$$).

It “had to be” and was L.A. in #4, (at Houston vs the Astros), and now they went from a nine to five underdog to an eight to 5 series “fave,” after TWO big TWOb’s (aka doubles), by out of his slump, Cody Bellinger and an all important game tying hit by Logan Forsythe, led the Dodgers (6-2) in #4 and got Fox a TWO/TWO, definite profit, World Series.

As was the case in #4 of the ALCS, Houston relief pitcher Ken Giles took the loss, yielding a (Corey) Seager single, a tough walk to Justin Turner and Bellinger’s big blast/double, that scored Seager and set up an eventual 5 run L.A. 9th, capped by Joc Pederson’s 3rhr, his second home run of the series.

Did you see the look on Kershaw’s face as now he does NOT face pitching a potential 4th game Dodgers ousted loss with him losing and is a “bit much” (minus 146 and likely to climb, (perhaps)  “fave” as the chalk bettors, after they lose in football, will bet more on Kershaw. Yesterday the bettors won as Alex Wood, who pitched so well as did Charlie Morton for “Hous,” was bet from plus 126 to plus 103) ‘fave” in the pivotal 5th game. (In referencing the 5th game John Smoltz, who was a great pitcher and has vast technical pitching knowledge, but is so sloppy and unprepared regarding names, keeping score et al –called it the 5th “INNING” not game, perhaps a “nit pick” on my part, but the Buck/Smoltz combo does not have the “good taste” of pastrami/corned beef, but the negative of it, “turning my stomach”).

OK— my perhaps offensive opinions, to facts you may not care about, but are both accurate and not likely to be found anywhere else.

Only once (’88) have the Dodgers lost #3 of a W.S. and still won the crown.

No L.A. sports team and they have won 18 or 19 in a final series (the ’51 Rams won a one game final), depending on whether you count the ’02 Angels, but the note applies for all L.A. titles, has ever “titled” after losing game 3 of a (1-1) final. They have won #3 of such a final and still lost, but never won when losing the third game of a (1-1) final.

One more, the Saturday game winner of an L.A. Dodgers World Series went on to win the crown in all of the previous eight L.A. Dodgers World Series with a Saturday game (there was no Saturday game in ’59), the Dodgers splitting the eight. Yesterday was Saturday and I should (there is that dreaded word again!!) have cited the above facts yesterday, but I did not!!


More: En route to the ’59 Dodgers and ’02 Angels’ W.S. wins L.A. baseball teams won #3 of a (1-1) World Series.

Six times en route to titles, the Lakers won #3 of a (1-1) final, doing so in ’72, ’80, ’85, ’88, ’01 and ’10.

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