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Astros Classic 1″3″ to 1″2″ Win in #5, gives them a “3” games to “2” W.S. lead

October 30, 2017

Last night, for the second time in what has admittedly been a fabulous World Series, albeit one playing out far too late into the night and morning,  I marveled at the incredible (13-12) Houston Astros’ win that gave them a three games to two World Series lead, vs the Dodgers.

The teams now travel to Los Angeles, where they will play game six tomorrow night and a seventh game, if necessary, on Wednesday night.

Alex Bregman’s run scoring single in the bottom of the tenth inning ended the five hour, seventeen minutes game, which featured Houston coming back from 4, 3 and one run deficits, only to dissipate a 3 run lead, they took to the ninth inning.

For the second time in this World Series a Dodgers’ player delivered in my book, THE clutch hit, knocking in the tying run, down to their last out, with a runner in scoring position, but in an eventual loss. Kike Hernandez did so in game 2 at home, but Houston won, while despite Chris Taylor accomplishing the great feat in game 5 last night, in the end it was in a loss.

Houston got three runs or more batted in performances from Yuri Gurriel, Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, with Gurriel and then Altuve smacking game tying 3 run home runs, to tie the mind blowing tilt, in the 4th and 5th innings.

Additionally, George Springer was on base 5 straight times and as was the case with Brian McCann, both homered in the tilt and also reached base before Bregman, who has also played so well defensively in this post-season, delivered pinch runner Derek Fisher with an historic hit.

The irony of the name Derek Fisher (a namesake played on 5 Los Angeles Lakers’ title teams and remember L.A. has 20 major North American sports league crowns while Houston has but 2) and great efforts by Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger (4 runs batted in) and the aforementioned Chris Taylor are cited, deservedly so here.

A truly great game, I missed “(3-0) L.A,” but am so glad I watched it. It was well worth, though it should not be necessary, staying up past 2 in the morning, having seen something great and winding down afterward.


I’ll say it was an over!

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