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Astros Up (2-0), A Long Way From “Orbit.”

October 15, 2017

For just the third time in their 15 post-season series,(two this season, with Carlos Correa leading the offense in both game 2 wins), the Houston Astros have grabbed a two games to none lead.

Correa’s double scored Jose Altuve with the winning run in game 2, a second straight Houston (2-1) win “under/vs” the New York Yankees in the ALCS.

The Astros opening an LCS at home for just the second time (the other was vs another New York team, the Mets in 1986) are bidding for just their second pennant and are now nice favorites to become the first team to play in a World Series from both major leagues.

The Yankees lost to a home team in extra innings, falling down (2-0) in the best of 5 “div” series but overcame Cleveland. They have won 40 American League Pennants, the Astros have one National League Pennant, none in the American League and nary a World Series win having been swept by the Chi Sox in the ’05 World Series.

This is the fifth straight season, the last 4 in the ALCS that the team winning Friday night came back and won Saturday afternoon to take a (2-0) LCS lead.

The previous four teams won said series,

The Astros are (4-0) at home in these ‘offs, have never won both an LCS opener and the series. This is their 5th LCS.

They head to New York where the Yankees are (3-0) this post-season. The Yankees (11-3) in previous ALCS, (the Astros were (1-3) in 4 NLCS), have never lost game 1 of an LCS on the road and won the series.

The vaunted Yankees’ franchise has won 40 pennants, the Astros have won just one.

Houston has won 6 of its last 7 LCS games while the Yankees, once (10-1) in LCS have lost 6 straight LCS games and 10 of 11 since the Yankees opened with a win at Texas in the 2010 LCS opener.

Suggestion for the Astros: go up (3-0) and certainly get it done in New York.

The “fix on Fox” scares me especially after they lost money, as the U.S. soccer team did not qualify for World Cup play.

Also the ‘Stros did not exactly rout the Yankees in either tilt, but are (7-2) counting “reg” (alot “reg” meant as Cleveland and Washington, each at one time the home city for the great football player, Bobby Mitchell, found out).

Why do I care? Maybe because the Astros (The Jetsons’ dog was named Astro) have suffered so greatly in post-season, maybe because despite progress, I still root vs the Yankees, maybe both.


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