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57 “Hut, Hut” Eagles, Lions and Vikings, (Oh) My– Notes

October 16, 2017

There are three NFL teams with the number 57 immersed in their franchise history, this season.

They are the Philadelphia Eagles, whose (5-1) record is the best in the NFC and tied with the K.C. Chiefs, the one team to beat them, for the best in the NFL, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions.

“Philly” last won the NFL crown 57 (FIFTY SEVEN) years ago in 1960. They took the title game (17-13) on the day after Christmas, a Monday, 26 days before John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as United States President, Robert Frost read and my once only, “Trivial Pursuit” partner, the fabulous Karen was born.

The Eagles’ title gave the state/commonwealth of Pennsylvania both the baseball and football crowns of 1960 as key home runs by Bill Mazeroski, Hal Smith and an early one by Rocky Nelson had vaulted the Pittsburgh Pirates to their first title in 35 years, winning game 7 on October 13th, 25 days before the above events and the day/night of the last presidential debate between Mr. Kennedy and his opponent/1946 friend, when both were freshman U.S. senators, R.M. Nixon.

Minnesota is (4-2) thus far this season, which is their 57th (FIFTY SEVENTH) having entered the NFL in 1961 with the Eagles’ title winning quarterback Norm Van Brocklin as their coach.

The Vikings have made 4 Super Bowls but never as much as had a lead in any of them.

Detroit which fell to (3-3) with a (52-38) loss in New Orleans yesterday, last won an NFL title 60 years ago in 1957 (nineteen FIFTY SEVEN).

While the Vikings have at least made 4 Supes/NFL final, the Lions have not only not made such, but have been in but one “semi”/NFC title tilt, that a loss to the eventual champion “Wash” in the 1991 game.

Speaking of Washington D.C. sports, after a 4th loss in as many “quarterfinals/div series, all in the past 7 seasons, the four current “Wash” sports teams have made as much as a semi-finals appearance, but once in a combined 90 seasons (’92-’16 for the currently (3-2) Redskins, who sojourn to Philly next Monday night, (’92-’17 for both the NHL Capitals and NBA Wizards nee Bullets and 13 for the baseball Nationals).



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